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Last week, as writers tend to do, I hit a bit of writer’s block.  To force myself to write something, I challenged myself to a deadline. I posted a Facebook status that stated I would write a haiku for each of the first 10 people to “like” the post.  I liked this exercise.  Maybe I’ll do it regularly.  Feel free to steal it. Below are the results as promised…

Monica Gerstemeier
Words are the smallest
element. They connect us
in ways classrooms can’t.

Tracey Whitaker
A breathe of city,
air is the letting go of.
Our duty? React.

Arrian Wissel
We hold in our fists
the orange and blue of skylines
and the law of hours.

Anne Ramsell Dowd
The hallways have ghosts.
There are homes that won’t leave us
in rows like lockers.

Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee
Yes, in this we are
in accord. A record of
friendship in snapshots.

Mehmet Can Kose
Much like Weißbier
or a good book of poems,
we find truth in here.

D.J. Nichols
The transition from
morp gossip to adulthood
ain’t so bad, is it?

Rebecca Noel
Oak Park City is
the hardcore place to parkour,
the business buzz.

Dawn Marie Galtieri
The commonage of
open hands gives voice to the
city we live in.

Ann Petroliunas
We dance like Ms. Ann
is watching. To celebrate,
we must learn the steps.

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